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When you become a distributor for Boost Performance Products, you become an essential family member selling an automotive line of products with exceptional quality and performance that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Your customers will fall in love with our legendary fuel additives, oil additives, engine oils, grease, rust spray and car care.

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Creating excellent value for our distributors through a high quality product line

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Sure, there are literally tons of automotive chemical products on the market today.

But if your customers demand the best in performance with a real seat of the pants feel, then give them what they want.

CleanBoost® from Boost Performance Products is that line you're looking for to create a distinctive edge for your business. 

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Reach out to us today to learn if our Display Rack full of our product line would be a good fit for your successful automotive shop or store front.

Each display includes a built in HD display showing our products, moving video and real customers using CleanBoost® Maxx™, EMT™, Mettle Plus™ and more.

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